Best Business Hotel

Grand Exotica Business Hotel is a home away from home for all its guests.We take immense pride in providing to our guests a stay as comfortable as their home. We provide to our customers highly customized  and personalized services so that they are at complete ease and have a pleasant stay.


We at Grand exotica understand the travelers need for options when it comes to rooms. We have taken care of the various needs of customers and have four categories of rooms to choose from.


In and Around

Located in Shaydri Range near to Chakanshaniwar-wada Automotive Cluster, Pune is  Cultural capital of Maharashtra.  You can make you’re trip memorable by visiting temples, historic forts and beautiful Ghats.Popular hill stations close to Pune and Mumbai especially appealing to hikers and trekkers, Lonavla is famous for its historic caves, striking forts and pretty lakes.